Today we are unveiling the revamped and relaunched Unique NFT Marketplace, a decentralized NFT marketplace developed to support self-custody, permissionless, and curated content while offering next-generation NFT Utility tools to creators. The marketplace provides a truly immersive experience by enabling users to trade NFTs on Unique Network and Quartz Network seamlessly.

In addition to the freedom to mint your tokens or entire collections and list them for trade, the platform offers many unique features. For example, while other platforms offer similar functionality when trading tokens, the Unique NFT Marketplace goes beyond the norm by empowering you with advanced features like nesting, customization and dynamic NFTs.

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What sets the Unique NFT Marketplace apart from others?

1. Advanced NFT integrations offers advanced capabilities that empower creators with seamless and innovative features. For instance, the marketplace and wallet integration lets anyone create interconnected tokens or collections, providing convenience and value to both creators and collectors.

With this launch, we are also making it easier for users to utilize the nesting feature, which allows for a parent-child relationship between NFTs, and thus dynamic connections between tokens. This interconnectedness is ideal for games and marketplace collections. For example, you could nest in-game items under a main-game-character NFT, forming a convenient bundle to elevate your gameplay experience.

2. NFT customization

Our platform offers creators the remarkable ability to personalize tokens on the blockchain through customizable NFTs. In contrast to traditional NFTs, this feature option provides unprecedented adaptability, empowering artists to modify and personalize their digital assets. NFT customization has the potential to revolutionize the digital realm, opening doors to unique collections, customizable in-game items, and immersive digital fashion experiences. As a result—captivating a wider audience and offering enhanced ownership and engagement opportunities.

With the flexibility provided by our SDK, creators using Unique can unlock a multitude of storytelling and creative possibilities, while developers can seamlessly integrate customizable NFTs to generate additional revenue streams.

3. Royalties for creators

We are committed to providing a platform for artists and creators to share their work and earn rewards for their creativity. That is why we are debuting a robust royalties system to ensure that creators receive the earnings and compensation they deserve for the ongoing use and sale of their NFTs.

When you mint and list your digital assets on our platform your artistic endeavors will continue to earn rewards as your NFTs find new homes or are used in various ways. Our seamless royalties mechanism guarantees a fair and transparent process, letting you focus on what you do best: creating and sharing your incredible works with the world while being recognized and subsidized.

An overview of the features for creators and the community


Who is the Unique NFT Marketplace designed for?

The Unique NFT Marketplace is ideal for end-users and artists seeking a seamless and decentralized ecosystem. For end-users who wish to buy NFTs on the Unique Network, our marketplace offers a user-friendly platform that helps easily explore and acquire unique digital assets.

Conversely, artists can leverage the marketplace to showcase and sell their art to a vast and diverse audience, breaking free from traditional limitations. With its intuitive interface and wide-reaching community, the Unique NFT Marketplace caters to the needs of both buyers and creators, fostering a vibrant and inclusive space for all.

Get started with the Unique NFT Marketplace

This section guides you through getting started on our Unique Marketplace.

We’ll cover everything from creating your account and familiarizing yourself with the platform interface to listing and selling your NFTs.

  1. Add UNQ and/or QTZ tokens to your wallet to create NFTs.
  2. Visit the Unique Network Marketplace to find the basic functionalities you need.
  3. Create an NFT collection
  4. Add NFT attributes to customize your tokens, such as name, accessories, gender, background, and other defining traits you want.
  5. Once you have defined the traits, create the collection.
  6. Create an NFT in your collection.
  7. Set a price
  8. Finally, list your token for sale

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Marketplace Roadmap and Future

Our Marketplace's future has vast potential for expansion, integrations, and partnerships. Our roadmap concerns three key objectives: scaling the platform, diversifying our offerings, and cultivating a thriving ecosystem. By prioritizing user feedback, investing in technological infrastructure, and pursuing global expansion, we aim to facilitate connections between creators and collectors across the globe.

We proactively seek integrations and partnerships to solidify our position in the NFT space. By collaborating with established brands, influential artists, and blockchain technology providers, we strive to expand our reach, introduce exclusive opportunities for collectors, and bolster platform security and scalability. Our ultimate objective is to deliver a seamless and immersive experience while nurturing the growth of NFTs within the digital ecosystem.

This is just the beginning of our journey, and we'd love your feedback to help us further optimize user experiences.

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