From crowdloan rewards and bonuses to MintFest winners, find out what’s coming up following our team’s monumental win!

Nearly a week after Unique Network’s win of the 14th Polkadot parachain auction, which will lead to our full deployment on slot #14 of their network with a lease from 4th June 2022 to 8th April 2023, we are back on our blog to share some timely updates on what’s happening next for our community and crowdloan contributors

Officially becoming a Polkadot parachain will allow us to tap into the interoperability, scalability, and security of the Polkadot Network to continue enabling composable and advanced features for NFT creators and marketplaces, and platforms. We are now one step closer to building unlimited potential and technical capabilities for the fast-growing NFT ecosystem!

Thanks again to the nearly 5,000 crowdloan contributors who contributed 822,942 $DOT to our crowdloan through our leading channels,, Equilibrium, Bifrost Finance, MEXC Global, Kraken Exchange, and Parallel Finance. Our Polkadot parachain win wouldn't be possible without your support.

Know Your Rewards!

We have created a new rewards calculator for you to check out your total UNQ tokens based on your crowdloan contributions and rewards eligibility! After connecting your wallet address, you’ll be able to view which reward bonuses you qualify for, which include base rewards, whitelist, MintFest participation bonus, referral bonus, referee bonus, and the Super Supporters program. The calculator will also provide rewards details for contributions done through the Unique Network website, Parallel Finance, Bifrost, and Equilibrium. If you contributed to the crowdloan through another channel, please reach out to them directly for information on your exact rewards.

Check out your rewards using the Unique Rewards Calculator.

Up to 150,000,000 UNQ tokens were allocated for UNQ Rewards for the Crowdloan contributors. The first DOT contribution earned supporters 20 UNQ, and the last DOT contribution was rewarded with 5.28 UNQ.

For more info on rewards, bonuses, and eligibility, please head to our full blog post on the matter.

What is Unique?

Unique is built for the next-generation future of blockchain made possible by Polkadot and Kusama and the entire NFT sector. As Polkadot’s first NFT parachain with advanced features, we provide marketplaces, games, and dApps with advanced features and limitless potential — from flexible economic models for developers and customers to a focus on sustainability and speed. Following our win of a Kusama parachain in December of 2021, our Polkadot crowdloan win is a culmination of our intimate journey with the blockchain, where we have been an official Polkadot Ambassador since 2019 and are responsible for creating and releasing the first NFTs on Polkadot: Subtrapunks and CheloBricks. We also are proud to have numerous Polkadot ecosystem integrations, including Karura, Subsocial, Parallel Finance, Equilibrium, and Bifrost.

What Happens Next

After securing the parachain from Polkadot, Unique will formally launch our governance and utility token, UNQ. The native token will power our platform through payment transactions for NFTs and smart contract transactions and facilitate staking mechanisms like voting and reputation management. We will update the community on the formal date of deployment.


MintFest was our debut NFT festival launched at the start of our Polkadot crowdloan to energise the Unique community and NFT creators—plus offer additional rewards to contributors who submit collections on UniqueMinter, our native minting platform. All eligible MintFest addresses will receive a 5% extra on their crowdloan contribution.

Our panel of art and NFT experts, including Anna Dart from Exquisite Workers and Lianna Adams from the Dream Conduit, are currently addressing the tokens and will announce the winner soon. The winning MintFest tokens will then be listed on the Marketplace.

The entire team at Unique Network would like to extend gratitude to our community, investors, developers, and everyone who played a part in our Polkadot parachain win. There is so much on the horizon to be excited about and we can't wait to share more with you soon.

— Unique Network