April has been an eventful month for Unique Network, with a flurry of ecosystem and partnership updates sure to drive the growth of our platform. We're excited to share these updates with our community and showcase our progress in the past month. From new partnerships to platform updates, we have a lot to cover.

Whether you’re a developer, investor, or simply interested in the blockchain space, there is something for everyone in the Unique Network April recap.

Partnered with VICTORIA BOUSIS for Her Award-Winning Film SAMs at SXSW 2023

Unique Network collaborated with director Victoria Bousis to debut her award-winning film project, STAY ALIVE, MY SON ("SAMS") Chapters 1 and 2 at SXSW 2023.

Leveraging Unique Network's advanced NFT infrastructure, a limited edition collection of 120 Proof-of-Attendance tokens titled "SAMS SXSW 2023 POAP: COMPACTION" was created and distributed to early viewers of the film.

The event was a resounding success, with over 120 viewers and 40 attendees on the waitlist, further highlighting the transformative power of technology in storytelling and community-building.

Read the article here.

The UNIQUE Staking Hub is LIVE!

Going live, the Unique Staking Hub has made it easy for users to stake and unstake UNQ and QTZ tokens, supporting the development of the Unique Network blockchain.

By betting their tokens, users can earn rewards while contributing to the growth of the blockchain. The staking platform offers a 20% APY, generated through inflation and funded by the Unique Network Treasury.

Additionally, the platform allows users to grow their capital while sponsoring dApp transactions and supporting the Unique Network ecosystem. With partial unstaking, users can now easily manage their funds, providing better liquidity access.

Start staking UNQ & QTZ tokens here.

We Made Our Mark at Consensus 2023!

As part of the Polkadot booth, the Unique Network team attended Consensus 2023 by showcasing the value of NFTs and presenting attendees with our advanced tools for mass adoption.

But that's not all - we also participated in the CoinDesk #Web3athon sponsored by Polkadot. This event focused on bringing more developers into the blockchain space and saw us award cash prizes to winning teams through our partner grant programs.

Enjoy pictures from Consensus.

Mandala Launched Polkadot-only Cryptonauts NFTs in collaboration with Astar Network. Future Unique Network Collaboration Planned

Get ready for the launch of the Cryptonauts NFT collection!

These NFTs have multidimensional utility in Mandala, a cross-platform game and interoperable metaverse, and they will be exclusively available on Polkadot with minting on Astar Network.

Keep an ear to the ground, and stay tuned for updates on this collaboration.

Learn more here.

UNQ Bootstrap Liquidity Launch is Live on Acala Swap. Mining Rewards in UNQ & DOT!

With Bootstrap rewards of 300,000 UNQ and Mining Rewards of 1,000,000 UNQ + 1,000 DOT, listing UNQ on Acala Swap is a significant step towards completing the circle of seamless exchange between application tokens and UNQ.

Liquidity providers (LPs) can provide liquidity for one side (e.g., UNQ) or both sides (UNQ and DOT) of the trading pair. When they meet the time and liquidity requirements, the bootstrap period ends and establishes an opening exchange ratio.

Learn how to provide liquidity & mine rewards here.

Publishing a Beginner's Guide for NFTs in the Event Management Industry

In recent years, the events industry has undergone significant transformations driven by technological advancements, evolving consumer behavior, and the potential impact of NFTs.

This publication delves into managing current events. The challenges event organizers face and the potential benefits of using NFTs to improve event success.

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Our Team Attended & Spoke at Polkadot Now India

Charu and Filip spoke on a panel at Polkadot Now in India to share Unique Network's insights on the future of NFTs and industry challenges alongside other top experts in the field.

The panel discussion on 'The Home for Creators: Innovation in NFT and Gaming' provided Unique Network with a platform to connect with blockchain enthusiasts and professionals, enabling the company to foster valuable partnerships for future collaborations.

Enjoy the pictures here.

New Unique & Quartz Network Runtime Upgrades LIVE

Unique Network also announced critical runtime upgrades for both the Unique and Quartz Networks.

One of the most notable was the Runtime Upgrade v937053 ⇒ v937054, which included significant new features such as an Upgrade to Polkadot v0.9.39-1 and an Upgrade to XCM v3.

These upgrades ensure the platform operates at optimal performance levels and provides users with an enhanced experience. This represents an essential step forward for Unique Network as the company continues to build a robust and secure platform for creating, exchanging, and managing NFTs.

Learn more here.

Unique in the Press

Our team appeared in various Web3 press and events last month. Here are some of the best highlights:

  1. Binge on Filip's presentation of 'The Advent of NFTs - The Paradigm of Sovereign Data' from Polkadot India

  2. Our CEO, Aleksandar Mitrovic presented at the PolkaDeFiance event ~ organized by Polkadot, Equilibrium, Talisman, and Parity

  3. Listen to our Twitter Spaces and AMA session exploring our partnership with Mandala Metaverse.

  4. Charu Sethi made a mark speaking at a joint Polkadot and WebZero event.

  5. We ranked among the top parachains on Polkadot for attracting new users to the network

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