As we approach the last quarter of 2023, it's only fitting to pause and reflect upon the significance of August for Unique.

Much like the months preceding, August has proven to be a whirlwind of activity, marked by an unwavering focus on collaborations and the continued development of our ever-expanding ecosystem. As we stand on the cusp of September, the anticipation for what lies ahead is palpable.

This article dissects the myriad of achievements, partnerships, and milestones that have shaped our journey through August, setting the stage for what promises to be an even more exhilarating and transformative month.

Teamed up with AngelHack to launch exclusive NFT Collectibles for Hackathon participants & DOT Seoul attendees

Last month, Unique Network and AngelHack joined forces to develop a dynamic ecosystem for Polkadot developers and inject fresh innovation into the community. For Unique, this partnership pushed developers to build a Custom NFT collection composed of Dynamic NFTs that can transform into alternative states.

A key highlight was the exclusive collectible NFTs for Polkadot Hackathon APAC: 2023 participants and DOT Seoul attendees, serving as tokens of participation and achievement. Successful registrants received the AngelHack Nested NFT for their Unique Wallets.

Outstanding participants earned a wearable NFT, customizable with pins earned through task completion. Additionally, a chosen few received 40 limited-edition hoodie NFTs, each adorned with unique wearable pins.

Look at how things unfold here as we await the final culmination and raise Unique's banner at Token2049.

CEO, Alex Mitrovich | KryptosChain interview

Alexander Mitrovic, CEO of Unique Network, recently sat down with KryptosChain to discuss the future of NFTs and life on Polkadot.

In the interview, Mitrovic talked about how Unique Network is building a platform for next-generation NFTs that are more secure, interoperable, and sustainable. He also discussed his plans for Quartz, highlighted Unique's challenges, outlined how the network has managed to stay afloat through the bear market, and shared his plans for the future.

Here’s a brief text version of the interview. Enjoy the full video below:

Collaborated with DEGA to upgrade builders' capabilities in the Unique ecosystem

Unique Network and DEGA entered a partnership to transform Web3 gaming and Metaverse domains. This alliance empowers builders within the Unique Network ecosystem by seamlessly integrating DEGA's innovative ISPO platform. Builders gain access to efficient fundraising and community engagement tools, while $UNQ token holders unlock unique benefits through a partnership bonus.

Active participation by $UNQ holders in the DEGA/Polkadot ISPO offers enticing rewards. Those with at least 4000 $UNQ tokens in their staked wallets will receive pre-minted $DEGA tokens as a partnership bonus. This aligns the interests of Unique and DEGA's communities, creating a collaborative ecosystem with exciting prospects for its stakeholders.

Get further insight into DEGA and the partnership with additional details.

Exciting developments with Mad Bunny World

Mad Bunny World, an HTML5-powered NFT game project on the Polkadot ecosystem, continues to bring exciting developments. The project, which debuted fully customizable NFT characters, now lets players bring their bunnies to life and engage in new game mechanics, such as the upcoming survival mode.

More options for character customization are also being provided, for example, the release of the SNEAKERS, another piece of the Gentlemen Set. With the addition of the SNEAKERS, Mad Bunny World players now have even more options to customize their characters and create the ultimate bunny avatar.

If you own a Polkadot/Unique wallet address, you can join the airdrop and snag yourself one of these SNEAKERS by using this Telegram bot.

New editorial content added to the blog

This August, we bring your attention to three articles that are not only educational but also inspiring. First, we explore the essence of NFT 2.0 for beginners. From understanding blockchain fundamentals to grasping the evolution of non-fungible tokens, this guide provides a solid foundation for newcomers. Next, learn about the primary motivations behind NFT purchases.

From art appreciation to investment potential, we dissect the motivations behind this digital collectible craze. Finally, explore the world of NFT GIFs and learn how to create, purchase, and sell them while uncovering these animated digital assets' artistic and market potential.

These three articles can be read here, here, and here.

Unique in the Press

  • Our CMO, Charu Sethi, joined more Polkadot ambassadors at Polkadot_Singapore. Together, they orchestrated a memorable event, ensuring everyone had a fantastic evening preparing for Token2049.
  • Alexander Mitrovic was featured in an AMA hosted by Outlier Venture, courtesy of Futureverse, to discuss his time as a BaseCamp Accelerator alumni.
  • Product manager Alik presented the value of Unique's customizable NFTs to the Polkadot audience at the Paris Dot Comm podium.
  • We partnered with PolkaPals to launch the PolkaPals Quest II, a community-driven quest that rewards participants with prizes. (More information coming soon)

September brings new opportunities for Unique Network to continue its commitment to collaboration and community growth.

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