We’ve had an impactful start to the year, with development announcements, a proposal passing, attending events (in-person & online), and so much more!

2024 is going to be a big one! January was packed with an unwavering amount of announcements, development updates and crucial highlights to the Unique Network ecosystem. If January was this busy, what’s in store for the rest of the year?

Join us as we dive into the top major highlights of January in our monthly recap!

NFT XCM ‘Cross Chain NFTs’ (#379) Has Passed!

Our biggest highlight of the month has been the passing of NFT XCM’s proposal (#379) with a total of 275 Aye votes (91.9% in favour)! We’re extremely grateful for the support, feedback and insightful questions that we’ve received from the OpenGov community.

We’ve successfully delivered the first PoC (Proof of Concept) and are now on track towards the launch of a groundbreaking true cross-chain NFT solution on a live network - enabling genuine interoperability for all of those in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Our vision of bringing NFTs to the masses and fulfilling Polkadot’s dream of NFT XCM from the early stages of the whitepaper is coming to life.

Check out the executed proposal here.


Not sure what NFT XCM is? Learn more in our easy-to-understand presentation here.

Unique Network’s Exciting Stats!

Last year, Polkadot released its ecosystem report, containing data about a few rising parachains and their performance in numbers. Unique Network had some exceptional results! And the momentum doesn’t stop just there, we intend to continue to branch out and make waves in the NFT and Web3 space in 2024.

Our 3 main highlights:

  1. Number 12 in Monthly Transaction Numbers
  2. Number 7 in the number of Unique Addresses
  3. Number 5 in the number of Active Addresses

Not only that, Unique Network now has 257.9k NFTs and 395 collections (+ growing!).

Our goal is to continue to lead the NFT ecosystem on Polkadot, continue NFT adoption and make NFTs accessible to everyone with easy & advanced tooling.


Development Highlight: Customizable NFTs coming to Subscan!

Customizable NFTs are going to take the NFT space by storm!

In our latest development advancement, our collaboration with Subscan has enabled us to bring forward Customizable NFTs on their Web3 explorer, providing a new foundation for users and developers to easily explore advanced NFTs in a much more efficient manner.


Now you can easily see all of your Customizable NFTs in one place!

Want to learn more? Check out the full detailed blog post here:

Unique Network's Customizable NFTs Arrive on Subscan!

New Partnership: Introducing Meta Carbon!

This month, we were really excited to share with the rest of the world our new partnership and collaboration with Meta Carbon, the Web3-based carbon solutions project, on a mission to help brands and projects bring climate action to the masses!

We’ve teamed up to mint-certified climate offset NFT collections for 4 high-quality projects, all with crucial goals of meticulously addressing climate change by reducing emissions and preserving vital ecosystems.

The four certified climate offset NFT collections will include the following projects:

  • Kariba Wildlife Corridor
  • Mai Ndombe REDD+
  • The Southern Cardamom
  • The Kasigau Wildlife Sanctuary

Want to dive into the details? Learn more about this new partnership in our blog post here.

Educational Campaigns

NFTs and crypto don’t come without their few barriers… and understanding the technicalities of it (to some level) is imperative to making effective decisions and broadening your knowledge of the technology.

This is why we always strive to create helpful resources, and fun, educational campaigns during the month to get you up to speed on the latest tech.

We launched the first NFT XCM Learn and Earn campaign, gaining a huge amount of traction within the community - enabling users to further understand the underlying technology (in simple terms) of the first ever cross-chain NFTs on Polkadot:

Triple Farming Time

ArthSwap, the go-to number 1 DEX on the Astar Network announced triple farming, including the Unique Network (UNQ) token! That means you can now earn UNQ, alongside ASTR (Astar) and ARSW (ArthSwap) tokens for exclusive triple farming!

Check it out below:



Online X Spaces & Events

The start of the year wouldn’t be without its fair share of online hosted X spaces and attending events!

First Community X Spaces

Mid-way through January, we hosted the first X spaces of the year - an expert discussion on NFT XCM! CEO, Alex Mitrovich and CTO Greg from Unique Network joined in engaging and fruitful discussions surrounding the vision of cross-chain NFTs.

Also joining us were Giotto di Filip and Hector, Polkadot community members and experts in the realm of Open Governance.

Want to listen to an exciting conversation? Check out the spaces below:

Polkadot Blockchain Academy (PBA) Attendance

The Polkadot Blockchain Academy has kicked off! We’ve arrived in China, Hong Kong, to share our expertise and passion for the next wave of NFTs, and how Unique Network plans to drive the NFT ecosystem within Polkadot!

Our CTO Greg, took the stage with a full house of eager students and developers, diving deep into the exciting topics of Customizable and Composable NFTs - sharing his knowledge with the world and delivering exciting lectures on all things NFTs.

Check out some of the pictures of the event here:

Joining the event in person, our CMO, Charu Sethi presents with Ryan Dinh from SubWallet on the best go-to-market strategies, and how understanding these aspects is key for navigating the complex Web3 landscape and ensuring the success of new ventures!

Both presentations proving to be a huge hit, we’re excited to see where the team heads to next.

That’s it for this re-cap! We hope you enjoyed it, and we will see you in the next one!

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