Unique Network’s Customizable NFTs have landed on Subscan, a Substrate Web3 explorer! Providing a new foundation for users and developers to easily explore advanced NFTs in a much more efficient manner, directly on the platform. Read more below:

Subscan is a high-precision Web3 explorer that can quickly support the Substrate ecological network. Built for multi-chains and parachains on the network, Subscan supports data exploration and visualization of more than a dozen networks in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Through our partnership and collaboration with Subscan, we’ve successfully integrated Unique Network Customizable NFTs - creating a foundation for users and developers to interact even further with their digital assets on the blockchain.


Find your customizable NFTs here.

Unlocking the New Wave for Customizable NFTs on Subscan

NFTs are a growing trend, and so are different types of NFTs, such as customizable ones, wearables, dynamic and lots more. Through Customizable NFTs, users can nest a token with another using the “Unique Pallet” and truly create a unique experience with their avatars, digital collectables or in-game items.

Since the beginning, we’ve implemented simple NFTs, and Dynamic NFTs within Subscan. This live integration of incorporating Customizable NFTs unlocks a significant milestone for the Unique Network ecosystem, as it marks the beginning of incorporating our advanced solutions into the Polkadot infrastructure using Subscan.

Subscan’s support for Customizable NFTs and other bundles, (such as other NFT stacks), is crucial as it broadens user interaction with our advanced features through a familiar infrastructure.

By using Subscan, you can easily locate Customizable NFTs that you have purchased or minted, and check the NFTs nested within your Customizable NFT. The uniqueness of our Customizable NFTs lies in their fully on-chain nature. All NFT wearables equipped with the base characters are stored on the blockchain. This means you have complete freedom to sell, transfer, or find information about them in block explorers. You can also interact with them in your wallet, use them in dApps, or potentially in web3 games in the future.


Need some inspiration? Check out the example customizable NFT with their nested NFT items here!

Note: Customizable NFTs are not a feature of the blockchain, per se. Customizing NFTs is a convenient way of using the core and advanced features on Unique Network to achieve a certain useful effect for your NFTs, making them more desirable and unique to you.

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What are Customizable NFTs?

You might have been wondering “What are Customizable NFTs?”.

Customizable NFTs are an NFT format developed by the Unique Network team, that allows users and developers to visually customize their NFTs by adding other NFTs and creating an on-chain connection between them.

This unique process works by nesting one token within another using the Unique Network’s “unique” Pallet - creating countless possibilities and use cases for creating fully on-chain customizable NFT collections; wearables; skins; digital fashion; and new infrastructure for game items.

Imagine an in-game NFT warrior class owning an NFT sword. The image of the in-game character would update on-chain with the warrior holding the sword in their hands. That is a customizable NFT and every customization option happens visually and on-chain — no smart contracts needed.

Check out the unique use case here:

Introducing Mad Bunny World: An Advanced Use Case for Customizable NFTs as In-Game Assets

Unique Use Cases Include:

  • Web3 Loyalty programs: Where rewards can be equipped/exhibited on top of customer NFT avatars.
  • In-Game Customization: Enhance gaming experiences with customizable NFTs, allowing players to modify characters, items, or environments.
  • Virtual Real Estate Market: Establish a personalized virtual real estate market using NFTs for buildings, landscapes, and interior design.
  • Interactive Art: Transform static digital art into interactive pieces, enabling collectors to change colors, animations, and patterns.
  • Personalized Avatars: Let users create and customize digital personas with NFTs, modifying appearance, clothing, and accessories.
  • Exclusive Event Tickets: Issue customizable NFTs as event tickets, providing attendees with exclusive perks like backstage passes, limited edition merch, or virtual meet-and-greets.
  • Digital Fashion & Wearables: Revolutionize the fashion industry with customizable NFTs for virtual clothing and accessories, allowing users to create unique styles in virtual spaces.

Want to create your customizable NFTs on Unique? Check out our documentation here.

Exciting Future Updates

We’ve got lots more in store! In the future, as we continue our partnership and work closely with Subscan, we plan to release new and exciting features on the platform, in addition to expanding the functionality of Customizable NFTs on Subscan and building new integrations with wallets — maximising adoption within the broader NFT ecosystem and for everyone else in the Polkadot network.

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