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Unique Network Wins a Parachain Slot

On 12th April, 2022 Unique Network raised 822,942 DOT with support from over 5150 network stakeholders to secure a parachain slot on the Polkadot Network.

We will soon announce details about your rewards.

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What is a Parachain and a Crowdloan?

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Being a Polkadot parachain allows Unique Network to tap into the interoperability, scalability, and security of the Polkadot Network, so that we can focus on what we do best - enabling composable and advanced features for NFTs.


Parachains are leased to networks like Unique Network for fixed periods, and crowdloans are a means to crowdsource the capital required for the lease. Unique Network is launching a crowdloan to rally support from our community and raise the capital (DOT) required to lease a parachain for the full lease period (LP).

DOT Tokens

Supporters who pledge DOT to the crowdloan will receive UNQ as rewards. The DOT are bonded or locked into a Polkadot sponsored account for the period of the lease, afterwhich the DOT will be returned to contributors. Contributed DOT are never directly accessible by Unique at any point of the crowdloan or lease period.

How does the Crowdloan Work?

Unique Network will open up the crowdloan to seek community support, which the community and investors can provide by pledging their DOT.

Once Unique Network wins the parachain slot auction, we will launch on the Polkadot Network and start distributing the UNQ tokens to the crowdloan contributors.

The UNQ token rewards will be sent to the same address you used to contribute to the crowdloan.

Unique Network Crowdloan Details

Network name

Unique Network

Allocated tokens


Total Token Supply



No Lock-up


20 months linear vesting

Crowdloan Open Date

14th March


Starts with Lease Period 8 (LP8)

Hard cap for the raise

15,000,000 DOT

Unique Network Crowdloan Rewards

Up to 150,000,000 UNQ tokens are allocated for UNQ Rewards for the Crowdloan Contributors. The rewards will be determined based on the reward curve shown below.

The sooner you contribute, the more UNQ you will receive!

The first DOT contributed will earn a reward of 20 UNQ.

The last DOT contributed will earn you a reward of 5.28 UNQ.

Unique Crowdloan participation reward chart Unique Crowdloan participation reward chart

Bonus Rewards—Community

The intention in allocating bonus rewards is to reward our early supporters, members who contribute to community growth and the adventurous creators and developers who use our tools!

For The Whitelist

  • You are a Chelobrick or a Substrapunk Holder

  • Participated in the Quartz Crowdloan or Unique Token Sale

  • Received the Polkadot Ambassador NFT from Unique Network

  • 5% Bonus Rewards

For the Creators

  • Read and accept MintFest T&C
  • Participate in the MinFest

  • Share your collection

  • 5% Bonus Rewards

For Every Contributor

  • Receive a referral link upon contribution

  • Share your link for referral bonuses

  • 5% bonus rewards as a referee and a referrer

Bonus Rewards — Super Supporters Program

This program is designed to reward large contributions in DOT for Unique Network Crowdloan. The extra rewards for Super Supporters Program will be determined by the total number of DOT contributed in one transaction towards the Unique Network Crowdloan.


10,000 DOT or more in contribution

Extra bonus


100,000 DOT or more in contribution

Extra bonus


What is a crowdloan?

A crowdloan is a way for new projects on Polkadot and Kusama to get the support they need to connect to the Kusama or Polkadot network as a parachain.

Crowdloan contributions (DOT tokens for Polkadot project crowdloans) are bonded or locked into a Polkadot sponsored account for a designated period of time (a “lock period”).

While bonded, the contributed DOT tokens can be used to cover the cost of parachain lease (the amount needed to secure a parachain slot on the Polkadot network), but are never directly accessible by the project. If the project is unable to win an auction, the funds are returned to their owner and unlocked.

What is the difference between Unique and Quartz?

While both Unique and Quartz were built on Substrate, a modular platform for building blockchain, they differ in that Quartz is specifically built for the Kusama community. While Kusama utilises nearly all of the same code as Polkadot, it’s built more specifically for experimental projects that are looking to test and perfect scalability and interoperability. Quartz is the ideal place to jumpstart your plans for building your own NFT ecosystem/marketplace.

Can I change the address of receiving tokens?

No. The receiving address used for the rewards will be the same as the address submitted for the crowdloan. Remember to explicitly declare your crowdloan address as a multi-chain address in the polkadot{.js} wallet

I don't have DOT but I want to participate. What are the steps?

You will need to buy DOT from an exchange and transfer it to your polkadot.js wallet before you can participate in the crowdloan. In case you already have DOT bonded or staked, you will first need to unbond and allow a cooling period of 28 days before you can participate in Unique Network crowdloan.

How can I unbond my DOT?

To unbond the amount, click the three dots next to the account you want to unbond tokens for, and select "Unbond funds".

unbond2-d52d67307b98a6d945407c44bc3bfebc (1).png

Select the amount you wish to unbond and click Unbond, then confirm the transaction. If successful, your balance will show as "unbonding" with an indicator of how many more blocks remain until the amount is fully unlocked.

This duration varies depending on the network you're on and will typically be four times as fast on Kusama as it is on Polkadot. The unbonding period is 28 days on Polkadot, and 7 on Kusama.

Once this process is complete, you will have to issue another, final transaction: Withdraw Unbonded, which will be available in the same pop-up. You can also check how long you have to wait in order to withdraw your stake in the Accounts page by expanding your account balance. There is a tiny icon beside the word "unbonding" that will eventually become an unlock icon once the remaining blocks get passed.

Then, you can click that icon directly to submit the withdraw transaction. Finally, your transferrable balance will increase by the amount of tokens you've just fully unbonded.

Which channels can i use to participate in the crowdloan?

Unique Network Website (recommended)

  • Polkadot.js
  • Bifrost SALP on UNique Network Website
  • Bifrost SALP App
When can I contribute to the DOT?

Unique Network crowdloan will start on 14th march 2022.

What are the applicable bonuses and rewards

Read all about Unique Network’s crowdloan bonuses and rewards here:


If I contribute via polkadot.js, will I be eligible for all bonuses?

You will be eligible for Whitelisting, MintFest and SSP.

What is the minimum DOT I need to contribute towards the crowdloan?

Minimum DOT requirement to participate in crowdloan is 5 DOT. But you should have 6.1 DOT in your wallet so your wallet is not reaped. See the note on existential deposit here - https://support.polkadot.network/support/solutions/articles/65000168651-what-is-the-existential-deposit-). Do not worry if your wallet is reaped, you’ll still receive your crowdloan rewards.

Does it make any difference if I participate in the MintFest before or after my crowdloan contribution?

You can participate in Mintfest until the end of the Crowdloan regardless of your contribution date.

Where can I see my receiving DOT address from the Unique Token sale?

Login in to your tokensoft account and check the DOT receiving address.

If I am eligible for multiple whitelist criteria, do I get a separate bonus for each criteria fulfilled?

No. Your whitelisted wallet address can only receive 5% extra rewards for being whitelisted. However you can stack Whitelist, MintFest and Referral Rewards.Super Supporters can participate in MintFest, share/use referral links, or use white-listed addresses, but there will be no additional reward beyond their SSP bonus.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can use my referral link?

No, there is no referral limit. Referral rewards will be calculated according to the contribution of the person you’ve referred to.

MintFest: Do I need QTZ tokens to mint a collection?

Yes. UniqueMinter is on Quartz blockchain. You will need at least 5 QTZ to create a collection and mint NFT.

Where can I get QTZ tokens to participate in the MintFest?

QTZ token is available on MEXC exchange, you can withdraw QTZ tokens to your Polkadot.js/Substrate/Quartz wallet.

Which bonus rewards can be stacked up?

You can stack Whitelist, MintFest and Referral Rewards.Super Supporters can participate in MintFest, share/use referral links, or use white-listed addresses, but there will be no additional reward beyond their SSP bonus.

How does the referral system work?

Everytime someone contributes to DOT using your referral link both referrer and referee receive 5% extra rewards.

For example, if your friend contributes 10 DOT tokens using your referral link you and your friend receive 5% extra rewards on that contribution. The more people you refer, the more rewards you can receive.

Is there a vesting in rewards?

Yes, 20 months linear vesting.

How long will my DOT be locked?

96 Weeks.

What is MintFest?

Mintfest is a series of events that we plan to do.

To participate you’ll need to mint your NFTs on UniqueMinter.


By doing so you’ll receive 5% more rewards in crowdloan. In addition to the 5% bonus rewards, we have a special judges panel as well which will decide the best NFTs minted in the MIntFest. The winning NFTs will be listed on Unique Network marketplace and the creators will have an option to sell it. Please note that to be eligible to for this you need to contribute to the Unique Network crowdloan.


It’s very easy to mint NFT on UniqueMinter. But if you need help our CTO Greg had a workshop at Ethdenver that will help you.


Here are all the details of the MIntFest you need to know: https://unique.network/blog/get-ready-for-mintfest/

Are Ledger Wallets Supported?

Unfortunately no. Take care not to submit your Ledger hardware wallet address as the address for the crowdloan since you can do this without triggering a warning. The Ledger wallet is capable of providing a multi-chain address but it cannot cryptographically sign transactions on the Unique chain yet. Since the rewards will be issued on the same multi-address as the one you submitted for the crowdloan, you will not be able to access your reward.

What rewards are valid with Bifrost participation?

MintFest, Whitelist & Super supporter program rewards are available. Parallel Finance Referral Link can be used in addition.

What are rewards for Bifrost SALP?

Participation in Unique Network's Crowdloan through Bifrost SALP will give you the below rewards.

UNQ tokens as per calculator.

From Bifrost

  • 0.2 BNC / DOT for extra bonus (for participation via Unique Network;s website)
  • vsDOT+vsBond-Unique to unlock your 96 weeks bonding liquidity
  • vsDOT+vsBond-Unique Mining Pool once Unique wins the auction.

For more information please visit https://t.me/bifrost_faq

When will we receive vsDot?

You’ll receive vsDot right away but you’ll be able to trade that later when it launches.

For more information please visit https://t.me/bifrost_finance

Where can I see my crowdloan contribution through Bifrost?

Follow these steps,

  1. Go to Bifrost.app
  2. Connect same wallet
  3. Go to vCrowdloan
  4. Check my contributions

For more information please visit https://t.me/bifrost_finance

How do I redeem my DOT(SALP)?

Within 3 months after the expiry of the parachain lease period, KSM/DOT can be redeemed 1:1 by using both vsKSM/vsDOT + vsBond-parachain in the Bifrost DApp.

For more information please visit https://t.me/bifrost_faq

Do we get BNC reward if we apply through Bifrost app?

Yes, you can get 0.04 BNC/DOT.

0.02 BNC + (0.02 Referrer /0.02 Referree)

You can receive higher rewards by contributing through our website https://unique.network/token/crowdloan

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