Unique Network has developed an NFT marketplace with a focus on sustainability. The collaboration for this project involves numerous entities, such as IAAI GLOCHA, UN-Habitat, Social Alpha Foundation, and Exquisite Workers.

Founder's Message

Seeing the global climate change storm building up creates a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, and a sense of hopelessness, but when we turn in our quest for answers to the question: What can I do, What can we do? towards culture and art, our minds brighten up and we feel inspiration and joy.

Yes, we can build a haven - a societal and natural environment that nurtures and protects us when the storm hits. If we combine the transformative power of culture with the transformative power of technology, as we do with the DigitalArt4Climate initiative - we can build a movement of global angels that care for the common good and who care for Mother Earth…

Digitalart4climate Founder, Miroslav Polzer

The Opportunity

In observance of the Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, the United Nations acknowledged the potential of creativity as an effective tool for tackling climate change and achieving sustainable development.

The end product, DigitalArt4Climate, focused on NFTs to achieve its goals, and more artists developed creative NFT artwork to bring awareness to climate action.

Soon thereafter, it became evident that a more suitable platform was needed to better aggregate and distribute these assets.

How we Helped

DigitalArt4Climate Marketplace was developed to showcase various climate-inspired NFT artwork.

For creators, the power to turn typical NFTs into interactive and dynamic NFTs freshly connotes the axiom that authentic art shouldn't be owned, but also shared.

Products Used

  • Unique SDK
  • Refungible (RFT) tokens
  • Nested NFTs
  • UniqueWallet

The Results

NFTs are drawing attention to environmental issues while encouraging people to act on sustainability and climate change.

Using blockchain technology, NFTs can provide a secure, transparent platform for NFT artists and creators to create and share their artwork with the world. This can not only help to promote the (SDGs) but can also help to promote sustainable practices and raise awareness of the climate crisis.

Plus, NFTs can help to ensure that artwork remains secure and authentic and that the original creator receives the proper recognition and revenue for their work. The DigitalArt4Climate marketplace can provide an innovative platform for NFT artists and creators to share their work and empower them to positively impact the environment.

About DigitalArt4Climate

DigitalArt4Climate is a joint venture that brings together multiple parties to apply blockchain technology to turn art into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These NFTs can then be gathered, exchanged, and sold, allowing for socio-technological innovation that contributes to resource mobilization and climate empowerment.

We invite artists to submit their digital and traditional artworks and explore NFTs' potential to create a lasting climate impact. It's also a novel way of monetization as well as community engagement.