Lemonade Social sought to provide its event attendees with more sophisticated experiences. By tapping into Unique Network, they could design an advanced NFT ticketing solution capable of building functional and incentivized web3 events and their respective communities.

Founder's Message

Our partnership with Unique Network builds on Lemonade's core values of inclusivity and sustainability in web3. Creators and brands on Lemonade will now leverage Unique's scalable, green blockchain focused on democratizing premium NFTs while leveraging Lemonade's friction-free user experience to onboard and reward communities. We are excited to build the tools and infrastructure with Unique to empower creators and help onboard the next billion users in web3.

Co-founder & Lemonade CEO, Kritarth Chhabra

The Opportunity

As event management continues to evolve, there is a growing need for event companies to create unique experiences while still being conscious of sustainability and cost.

Lemonade Social specifically required a ticketing solution that was robust enough to not only cater to the application's requirements but also provide the right scale for the platform's IRL utilities, POAPs, and events.

How we Helped

Lemonade Social is using the power of Web3 technology to revolutionize how creators organize and manage their communities by blurring the lines between virtual and physical experiences.

As a multichain platform, Lemonade Social was not only looking for a scalable solution but also an interoperable one. We made it possible for brands and creators on the platform to take advantage of the advanced features loaded onto our NFTs to design experiences tailored to their audiences, and monetize on metaverse and real-life events while organically growing their communities.

The Results

Besides improving event experiences for its users — since working with Unique Network, Lemonade Social has delivered seven end-user projects to our blockchain, including Unesco Exhibition, Coin Bureau Conference, and Unit Masters.

Products Used

  • Unique SDK
  • Refungible Tokens (RFTs)
  • Quartz blockchain
  • XCM
  • Painless transactions

About Lemonade Social

Lemonade Social is a hybrid event-hosting platform that organizes live social events worldwide. The company's platform facilitates a networking experience. It aids in creating authentic connections between hosts, creators, and guests by hosting virtual events, enabling local creators like artists, musicians, chefs, and yoga instructors to host interactive online events that feel as authentic as in-person events.