Unique Network facilitates the minting of Livetree's social profiles, i.e., #Collectives — turning each social post created on the platform into NFT assets. In addition, Unique Network mints the platform's membership tokens and collective treasury.

Founder's Message

The all-in-one Livetree app is one of the first to truly focus on adding income for creators and putting you in control of your social posts. That's why the app requires no blockchain experience - only through mass adoption will we realize the shared values and mission of Livetree and the Unique Network. I can't wait to see what you do with your #Collective future.

LiveTree Founder, Ashley Turing

The Opportunity

Web2 platforms such as TikTok have made it easy for users to be oblivious to how their information is collected and utilized. However, Web3 platforms such as Livetree are taking the opposite approach by utilizing NFTs to help verify ownership and monetize user data.

Even though they successfully created a user-friendly application, Livetree lacked the infrastructure to develop a customizable and scalable system to meet its dynamic application demands.

How we Helped

Unique Network provides a blockchain-based ecosystem capable of minting and managing a scalable network of advanced and interactive NFTs which deliver features such as joint asset ownership and a more equitable revenue distribution. All these solutions are delivered through a user-friendly, intuitive, and dependable interface.

Products Used

  • Sponsoring Pallet
  • Unique SDK
  • UniqueWallet
  • Nested NFTs
  • Layered architecture

The Results

As one of the few, if not the only, Web3 social platform applications available on Polkadot, this collaboration will be a great opportunity for people to engage with Livetree to get a sense of the Polkadot environment and to change the common view that Polkadot is only for developers.

About Livetree

Livetree is a network of #Collectives that puts users in control of how their social posts are monetized. It is a non-profit social network. With Livetree, the creator is in charge, and it empowers creators to earn more for their content permanently. Livetree is a social NFT platform where every user counts. Users can gather, form collectives, discuss topics of interest, and create fan clubs and social spaces within the app.