MintFest, our debut NFT competition and festival for the Quartz community, came to a close last month following our recent win of a parachain on Polkadot. Now, we’re thrilled to announce the winning tokens from the event, which were judged and selected by NFT artist and curator Anna Dart (Exquisite Workers) and Lianna Adams from our partners, the Dream Conduit. Two winners, Substrapunk Swag and Dumb Astronauts, were selected by the Unique Network team based on their vision of utility to the core community.

The one-month competition resulted in over 1,000 tokens generated, resulting in 184 total collections created on UniqueMinter, our native NFT minting platform that was recently migrated over from Opal (our testnet) to Quartz. MintFest contributors were also made eligible for a variety of special crowdloan bonuses to reward their participation, which you can find more details on in our announcement blog.

Mintfest Winners

Without further ado, we’re finally ready to share the winning MintFest tokens below, which you can view on UniqueScan, our new blockchain database scanner.

What is next?

Following the winning token announcement listed above, MintFest NFTs can be listed for trading on our official marketplace, in mid-June. For more information on MintFest and how to use UniqueMinter, please visit this tutorial. Another big round of gratitude to our community and all the creators who submitted a token.

Thanks for reading,
—Unique Network