Summer is on the horizon, and it’s been another busy month with new NFT campaigns, and attending conferences and talks. We’re excited to dive into the latest updates that have happened in May, you won’t want to miss it:

Unique’s Quick Stats for May!

Before we start with the updates, we want to grab your attention to some extraordinary stats and metrics that the Unique Network ecosystem achieved in May:

  • Over 320,000 NFTs were minted on Unique Network with DED MINE.
  • Over 11,000 registered players on DED MINE.
  • 120+ NFTs minted with our latest campaign.

Polkadot Loves Conor Campaign Recap

Brief Summary

On the 9th of April, it was announced that the Polkadot community voted in Polkadot’s Open Governance system (OpenGov) to sponsor race car driver, Conor Daly, in the upcoming Indianapolis 500 in May, 2024.

This is the first time, a race driver has been sponsored at a major sports event by blockchain technology in a fully decentralized governance system. This opportunity showcased the power of blockchain decentralization, transparency, and trust.

From there, we announced our biggest campaign to date: The Polkadot Loves Conor NFT Mint Contest! And we’ve been cheering on Conor Daly for his big race ever since!

The Polkadot Loves Conor Campaign attracted many ecosystem partners, participants, and Conor Daly fans worldwide, bringing communities together to wish Conor the best of luck in his big race.

  • Number of active participants: 600+ participants
  • Number of NFTs created: 100+ NFT creations
  • Number of collections created: 100+ submissions

We partnered with our friends (Acala, Zeitgeist and SubWallet) in the Polkadot ecosystem to bring the Polkadot Loves Conor campaign to light and demonstrate the power of bringing communities closer together in a monumental event.

Our collaboration with Zeitgeist enabled users in the ecosystem to predict whether Conor Daly would be in the Top 10 racers! You guys voted, and you can see the final results here.

NFT Art Highlight Recap

The Polkadot Loves Conor NFT campaign primarily focused on creating amazing & supportive NFT art, inspired by Conor and his racing at the Indy500!

Take a look at some of the art pieces we’ve collected:

image1 (1).jpg

Check out this blog here, to see a full recap of all of the NFT community art throughout the campaign and positive feedback from our partners and participants!

Get to know Conor Daly - Top 10 things

An NFT contest wouldn’t be one without getting to know the superstar himself, Conor Daly! That’s why we did a Top 10 things to get to know Conor and feel more connected to the Polkadot race driver!

If you’ve missed out, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered — check out all of the intriguing facts about Conor and how he came to be a race driver!

Unique Attends the Indy500 Race Day!

Following up with the Polkadot Loves Conor campaign, the Unique Network team attended the biggest sports event in the United States: The Indianapolis 500!

Conor Daly (driver #24) took the races at the Indy500 on the 26th of May, 2024 in a Polkadot-wrapped race car, representing Polkadot to thousands in the crowd, and many watching all around the world. The team spoke with Conor Daly backstage, learned about race tactics and even got all the behind-the-scenes work from the fantastic race team.

During the live race, we covered race updates; key moments and all of the live action on social media and on our community channels.

Conor Daly achieved the Biggest Mover title during the race with all of his fantastic moves and over-taking, in addition to achieving the fastest best lap!


Check out some of the pictures from the event below:

image7 (1).jpg

Minting over 300k NFTs on the Unique Ecosystem!

In May, we hit an exceptional record of minting 300,000 NFTs on Polkadot, using Unique Network’s technology stack with the brick-breaking game, DED MINE. This is a huge milestone for us and an incredible result of what mass adoption looks like for digital assets.

We know NFTs still have a bit to go, and that’s why at Unique we strive every day to make NFTs and advanced NFTs more accessible to everyone, including artists, musicians, developers, game developers, and yourself.

We highly encourage you to check out the full Press Release (PR) here and let us know your thoughts down below in the post!

Press Release:

Boosting Community Engagement with Dynamic NFTs

We’re collaborating with the Sovereign Nature Initiative to provide Dynamic NFTs to the people of Polkadot! These Dynamic NFTs (DOTPhin) are an eco-linked multi-pass backed by animal data that supports biodiversity restoration.

A DOTphin NFT is issued to attendees of eligible Polkadot blockchain events as a Dynamic Soul Bound Token. While evolving, the DOTPhin NFT will give you access to different real-life perks such as entry to event lounges, parties and other physical activities during the Polkadot-managed event.

Currently, the Sovereign Natura Initiative has submitted a referenda on Polkadot’s Open Governance to raise funds to undertake this project and deliver DOTphin NFTs to 8 unique conferences.

image2 (1).jpg

Appearances, Online X Spaces & Events

We’ve been joined by some amazing projects in the space to discuss NFTs on Polkadot, assisting projects in new and upcoming hackathons, and even attending the biggest conference of the year by Coindesk. The Unique team has been all over, and the year hasn’t even ended.

Ready to dive in? Grab a drink, and read on!

Unique Attends Consensus 2024!

Consensus by Coindesk is here in Austin Texas, and it’s bringing all of the Blockchain Buzz to the Polkadot ecosystem! We’re joined by our friends in the DOT space at the Polkadot Booth (#1209) for a full 3-day event, showcasing NFT technology to all attendees!

Not only that, we’ve organised a fun raffle for all attendees to get involved and win an exclusive collectible’s item signed by the Polkadot superstar himself, Conor Daly!

Check out the amazing pictures below from the event:

image5 (1) (1).jpg

OpenGuild Hackathon

We joined forces with OpenGuild, their first online Hackathon aiming to provide opportunities for programmers to become more familiar with developing applications on Polkadot, using the Rust programming language and SDK tools.

Each month, there will be a new challenge and hackathon to compete in, so don’t miss out!

We’re excited to see what brings next month, and to continue collaborating with our partners in the Polkadot ecosystem!

image4 (1).jpg

Ask the Team: AMA with Polkadot Insider!

In May, we had an incredible turnout with Polkadot Insider’s AMA! The team at Unique Network joined to delve into the exciting developments of NFT XCM, exploring the initial developments and conversations of the Proof-of-Concept for NFT XCM, and discussing the future of interoperable NFTs on Polkadot!

So you don’t miss out, get all the insights and catch the recording of the AMA here:

That’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed these highlights, and we will see you for the next one in June!

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