With over 30 submissions already received for the NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant Fund, we're excited to invite more developers and NFT enthusiasts to join us. We eagerly anticipate your application! Read on to discover how you can get involved and start your NFT development journey with us!

Deep Dive: What is CodeCraft?

The NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant Fund is the latest announcement to hit the ecosystem! Created by Unique Network, the grant fund aims to bring as many people together, from designers; NFT enthusiasts; and developers to explore and create innovative solutions using blockchain technology and cutting-edge NFT integrations.

We envision the CodeCraft Grant Fund to drive the next wave of digital assets, and as we like to define them, NFTs 2.0, where we see NFTs leading important discussions, elevating user & fan engagement, and true proprietary ownership of digital assets and Web3.

You will have the chance to explore creating utility packages like building a dApp or Micro dApp and strengthening your knowledge of all unique NFTs, such as:

  • Customizable NFTs
  • Composable NFTs
  • Nested NFTs
  • Bundled NFTs
  • Dynamic NFTs
  • Multi-asset NFTs
  • and Multi-resource NFTs.

Our Grant Fund theme is Advanced NFTs, inviting you on an inspiring journey to build your dApp or Micro dApp while leveraging the full potential of Unique’s Advanced NFTs.

So if you have ever wanted to create more than just a boring NFT PFP collection, you’ve come to the right place!

The total fund size is $250,000, given in chunks of $5-10k to help you jumpstart with the most advanced NFT SDKs and ambitions. Our vision with this fund is to help you turn around the most advanced NFT features for your idea and help with community validation in short time frames.

Submit Your Application and Join Over 30 Developers!

If you align with our vision of bringing digital assets and advanced NFTs to the masses on Polkadot and want to build something different, come join us and apply!

See below for all the information you need:

  1. Submit this form here. You will hear from us within 1 week, so stay tuned to your emails and check your inboxes/spam folders regularly!
  2. Once submitted, there will be an assessment criteria for your submitted idea, which will mainly focus on the use of advanced NFTs, community usage and benefits of the tools/dApps you build. This will all be specified when we discuss your grant application.
  3. Join the Unique Developer Telegram channel here.
  4. Keep an eye out on our social media, as from time to time, we will announce specific challenges and updates around the CodeCraft Grant Fund that you won’t want to miss!

Have any questions for us? Don’t hesitate to reach out on the Unique Telegram and we’ll get back to you right away!

Meet the Projects Involved

Since launching the NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grand Fund, we’ve had exceptional projects join the ecosystem. Get to know:

Need a quick summary of everything that has been discussed? We’ve got you covered:

image1 (3).jpg

We look forward to having you onboard with us and seeing you join the future of NFTs 2.0 with Unique and the Polkadot community!

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