Building upon the resounding success of our inaugural Spark Fest campaign, Spark Fest season 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to our community-based campaign! Season 2 will generate increased buzz among the Unique community by building anticipation for an upcoming new product launch. Stay tuned to find out more!

Our mission remains to deliver mass adoption of NFTs for brands and creators. Spark Fest will promote active interaction among Unique Network participants, resulting in a dynamic online community that benefits Unique's growth.

Season 2 offers exclusive rewards and captivating experiences, with new tasks every Wednesday. To join, head to our Zealy dashboard — and once you've signed in, you can begin participating in quests and earning rewards.

Spark Fest season 2 ends ONE MONTH from today: Friday July 7.

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Spark Fest Season 1: The Best Moments

Season 1 saw incredible engagement from our community. Some highlights include:

  • Over 600 people participated in the event, with over  250 creating wallets, minting, nesting, and transferring various NFTs and NFT collections.
  • Four hundred individuals joined and participated in Unique Network's Advanced NFTs.
  • 70+ minted their own NFT collection
  • 30 created bundles using Nested NFTs

The $1000 DOT prize pool was distributed among the thirty most active members during Spark Fest season one.

Get Ready for Spark Fest Season 2!

Season 2 is set to deliver a more engaging experience, with quests that span sharing, onboarding, creating tasks, and more. We're even exploring a new idea to enhance audience engagement by incorporating product experiences from other Polkadot teams.

When Does Season 2 Begin?

  • Start date — 7th June
  • End date — 7th July
  • Reward — $1000 in DOT

N.B. We continue to employ an accumulated experience points (XP) system. As members progress to higher stages on the quest board, they can take on more complex tasks and realize greater rewards.

(The table shows each quest has a different XP value. As an illustration, to attain level 2, you require 100 XP and to achieve the highest level, level 9, you require 2200 XP)

Level  Required XP  Total XP 
1 0 0
2 100 100
3 400 500
4 700 1200
5 1000 2200
6 1300 3500
7 1600 5100
8 1900 7000
9 2200 9200

Members participating in the 30-day campaign from June 7th to July 7th can earn rewards from Unique Network's $1000 DOT fund.

For this reward, join Unique Network's dashboard on Zealy. Once you're logged in, you'll be able to see the available quests and start earning rewards.

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Would you like to ask the team questions? We invite you to contact us in our Discord and Telegram communities. We'll gladly assist you.

We can't wait to see you at Spark Fest Season 2!


Do I need a Zealy account to participate?

Yes, you require an active Crew³ account. Join using this link.

Do I need to connect my MetaMask wallet?

No, you can use alternative methods such as Discord to sign up.

Terms and Conditions

This program will continue until terminated, suspended, modified, or converted to another rewards program.

Therefore, Unique Network retains the power to terminate or alter any quest activity, campaign rules, or details of our own volition.