Our Web3 wizard will lead a workshop on 15th Feb on creating your own NFT ecosystem for devs and non-devs alike!

We're proud to share that Unique Network's very own CTO Greg Zaitsev will be presenting a workshop at the world-renowned blockchain meetup in Colorado, ETH Denver, on 15th February! Greg is a veteran of the blockchain, tech, and NFT industry whose early success building prototypes and winning patents as a Lenovo Master Inventor led to his innovative work across cryptocurrency and NFTs — and his current post as CTO at Unique Network. As an early developer in crypto, Greg contributed to the first large index in the sector (Crypto-100) and was responsible for filing some of the first Polkadot grant applications on the next-generation chain. Later, the success of Greg's Polkadot grants — and a win at Hackusama, Kusama's Hackathon—evolved into an NFT pallet that would fuel the formation of Unique Network alongside his fellow countryman, Unique CEO Alex Mitrovich.

Attend This Workshop

Since the Unique Network's inception around 2021, Greg has developed our platform's white-label marketplace and dynamic NFT features, which offer a variety of innovations across sustainability, customization, scalability, and access. A recent tech talk with sustainable blockchain platform and Unique Network-partner, Sovereign Nature Initiative, outlines in detail how Unique and Polkadot's Proof-of-Stake technology offers more speed, flexibility, customization, and clean solutions. Greg's work has resulted in various other advanced features, like flexible economic models, which allow for sponsored transaction fees for creators, and advanced ownership and management. The next thing on the roadmap are ‘Nested NFTs' that can be rented, shared, and distributed to the blockchain. Greg also helped lead innovative Unique’s work with RMRK in 2021, which presented the pioneering potential of NFT-to-NFT interactivity via the merging of Substrate-based Chelobricks (one of Unique's debut NFTs on Polkadot) and Kusama-based Kanarias. The list goes on!

Greg’s ETH Denver Workshop

At ETH Denver on 15th February, Greg’s workshop will consist of two parts:

Part one of the workshop is primarily for non-developers, a community we consistently focus on via the ease-of-access into our technology, where you can create a fully-fledged NFT collection in under an hour. Greg will share just how exactly this is possible on Unique Network, where you don’t need to have extreme knowledge of blockchain (or programming!) to mint a collection. Greg will also share our approach to UX and UI design in NFTs and how we’re creating the best experience possible for developers and users alike.

Part two of the workshop will focus predominantly on developers and our more advanced technology. Greg will discuss deploying collections and dig deeper into our advanced features, which we included above.

Between each section, there will be a short break where we’ll showcase some of our partnerships and case studies, like Artpool, an NFT discovery platform where art enthusiasts and collectors discover quality artworks curated by leading professionals.

Greg and our entire team are excited to educate the incredible ETH Denver community on Unique Network and what our next-generation NFT technology is bringing to the blockchain. Find more info on ETH Denver’s website. See you in the mountains!

— Unique Network