Along with Lemonade social, the collaboration aims to proliferate easy access to valuable blockchain resources and education among the masses.

We're excited to announce our strategic partnership with Unit Masters, a popular free blockchain literacy education initiative by Unit Network. Set with common goals, this partnership aims to onboard the next generation of web3 users by improving blockchain literacy by providing high-quality and cost-free education.

About the Unit Masters Program

Web3 is the future of the internet, where users are in control of their data and can interact with each other directly without intermediaries. Blockchain is the technology that enables this vision. It’s ideal for individuals to enjoy a basic understanding of how it works and access relevant and up-to-date information. That's the essence behind Unit Masters.

Anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and tokenization can participate in a free six-week cohort incorporating sessions from expert blockchain speakers. Students are also invited to participate in bi-weekly mentorship coaching sessions, curated self-paced learning resources, and themed study group assignments, where they learn everything from wealth creation, sustainability economics, and stakeholder capitalism.

The program then culminates in a final event where participants can network and receive a Unit Masters certificate upon successful completion as a means of accreditation. This mint is courtesy of our partnership with Lemonade, a feature-rich showcase platform. Besides conveying completion, these certificates provide proof of skills and competencies — beneficial for professional accreditation, apprenticeships, and other formal qualifications — and build extensive talent funnels within the blockchain industry.

Lemonade Accredited NFTs Minted on Unique Network

The current state of the crypto world is a veritable wild west of technological innovation. Individuals owning and controlling their data and privacy seems peculiar because blockchain adoption is somewhat limited to crypto-literate individuals. Education and understanding are paramount, so partnering with Unit Masters was easy.

As the public's perception of blockchain technology continues to evolve, there is a genuine need for blockchain literacy. This strategic partnership aims to raise awareness of blockchain technology's true potential.

Thy-Diep (Yip) Ta, Unit Network Co-Founder, spoke of the partnership "Unit Masters is thrilled to join forces to establish a partnership and issue on-chain certifications on Unique Network to participants who complete the course and begin their web3 and blockchain journey. We believe that millions of people will be on-boarded by our combined visions."

Partnership Roadmap

Unit Masters' cohort-based programs make an excellent sandbox environment for real-world events to coordinate with Parity to promote further Web3 & Blockchain knowledge and the adoption of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Unique Network will work with Unit Masters to help the web3 platform reach new audiences within the Polkadot ecosystem and create an equitable economy ripe with opportunity and open communities. Using sustainable NFTs for accreditation, Unique Network will unlock a new set of use cases and value incentives for Unit Masters.

Better literacy equals better adoption.

Unit Masters is the best-qualified blockchain literacy program. Their knowledge of developing fair and equitable economic systems and their experience applying blockchain technology to connect creators and communities makes this partnership a straightforward decision.

Program participants are already excited at how simple and intuitive minting certificates on Lemonade is, and we're excited to see the impact our partnership with Unit Masters could have for not just the adoption of NFTs but also blockchain growth.

Start exploring the expansive blockchain ecosystem for free, by visiting the Unit Masters website.