We’re pleased to share Unique Network v941056 is now available.

v941056 brings an ERC-20 interface for the native token, including essential functionalities like transfer, transferCross, balanceOf, and balanceOfCross methods. These additions significantly enhance token transfers and give developers greater control over native tokens.

Let’s explore the core updates, providing developers with a comprehensive breakdown of each enhancement — plus a way for developers to upgrade to this new version.

v941056: What's New?

ERC-20 Interface for Native Tokens

In this update, we have seamlessly integrated the transfer, transferCross, balanceOf, and balanceOfCross methods for the native token.

This simplifies the process of sending and checking the balance of the native token (UNQ or QTZ), and it also allows you to send native tokens directly from Ethereum addresses to Substrate addresses

With these additions, managing native tokens and substrate addresses becomes more efficient and user-friendly, empowering users to navigate and interact with the blockchain ecosystem with enhanced ease and control.

Fix of CollectionById RPC Backward Compatibility

The recent fix ensures seamless compatibility for clients using the CollectionById RPC without needing changes. It resolves the issue on the old blocks where the RPC provided inaccurate results for specific collections. This feature plays a crucial role in maintaining the stability of our blockchain network.

GitHub release notes: https://github.com/UniqueNetwork/unique-chain/releases/tag/v941056.

How to Upgrade to v941056

Developers can use the link below to obtain the latest version, v941056.

To ensure the smooth operation of their applications, we recommend that all developers upgrade to this version to benefit from the latest changes and improvements.

Our support team will help developers with questions regarding the upgrade process or the new version. Meanwhile, stay informed about the latest news and advancements by joining our Telegram channel.

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