We're pleased to announce another runtime upgrade for Unique from v941056 to v942057, including an upgrade to Polkadot v0.9.42 and updating all our pallets to the new fungible trait.

To address Parity’s sweeping changes which transformed the balance pallet and account system, v942057 involved rewriting our pallets and migrating the app-promotion data.

Despite the effort involved, our network benefits from this upgrade through improved performance, enhanced interoperability, and streamlined asset handling.

The full changelog details from v941056 to v942057 are available here.

v942057: What's New?

Upgrade to Polkadot v0.9.42

In Polkadot v0.9.42, notable changes are introduced, including the addition of OpenGov on the relay chain, a sophisticated governance mechanism ensuring network control by the majority stake. The update also replaces "currency" traits with "fungible" traits, simplifying asset creation and management.

Furthermore, there are breaking changes in pallet balances, such as the introduction of freezing and holds. Freezing overlaps with holds, while holds are designed explicitly for infallible slashing and named to prevent accidental balance slashes.

Developers should refer to the detailed PR for a comprehensive understanding, including configurable identifiers for Holds and Freezes.

Updated All Our Pallets to the New Fungible Trait

A pallet is a collection of code that implements a specific feature on Polkadot. At the same time, the Fungible trait is a new library that provides a more efficient way to manage fungible assets on Polkadot.

We've replaced the “Currency “ trait to the “Fungible” trait. This change will make our network more efficient and scalable and make creating and managing fungible assets on Unique easier.

For context, Parity's significant changes to Polkadot's balance pallet and account system necessitated extensive rewrites and migrations by Unique. All pallets were rewritten, and app-promotion data was migrated.

Unique undertook the complex task of implementing Parity's modifications and securely migrating data and keys. With the successful completion of this process, Unique now operates on the new balance pallet and account system, offering improved efficiency, scalability, and user interaction.

GitHub release notes: https://github.com/UniqueNetwork/unique- chain/releases/tag/v942057

How to Upgrade to v942057

Developers can use the link below to obtain this latest version, v942057.

We urge all developers to upgrade to this version for the best performance of their applications. This version includes the latest changes and improvements.

Our support team can assist developers with any questions regarding the upgrade process or the new version. In the interim, inform yourself of the most recent news and developments by joining our Telegram channel.

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