June has been an exhilarating month filled with significant milestones and exciting developments across our platform!

As we reflect on the past month, we’re thrilled to present a comprehensive monthly recap highlighting all the essential news, platform upgrades, and product releases that have taken place. Additionally, our community has continued to expand, contributing to the vibrant ecosystem that drives innovation and collaboration.

Join us as we delve into the June recap and celebrate the remarkable strides we've made together!

Launched the Unique Network NFT Marketplace

The release of the Unique Network NFT Marketplace promises to revolutionize the NFT landscape with advanced integrations and unique features. Creators and collectors can benefit from the ability to create interconnected tokens or collections. Nesting features enable dynamic connections between tokens, enhancing gameplay experiences for games and marketplace collections.

Uniquenft.io also offers NFT customization, letting artists personalize tokens on the blockchain. This fosters unique collections and immersive fashion experiences. The platform's flexibility, supported by the SDK, unlocks storytelling possibilities. Additionally, a robust royalties system ensures fair compensation for creators.

NOTE: We have completed the migration of Substrapunk and Chelobrick NFTs from Quartz to Unique Network.

Read more about the full launch here, or explore the marketplace.

Test Your Creative Skills in The Unique Network AI ART NFT Minting Competition

We announced the launch of our AI ART Competition. During this creative extravaganza, creators can generate creative NFTs using AI in exchange for up to 10,000 UNQ in rewards.

In this open-to-all competition, which starts on July 3rd and ends on July 14th, judges will select the top 5 pieces based on their creativity, originality, and visual appeal. The Unique Network team will purchase the top 5 art pieces for $10,000.

To participate and read further details, click here.

Alex Mitrovich Presented at Polkadot Decoded

Our CEO, Alexander Mitrovich, delivered an insightful presentation at Polkadot Decoded, shedding light on the three pillars crucial for the mass adoption of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). In his engaging talk at the Ecosystem Showcase Stage, Alexander delved into the key factors that will drive widespread acceptance of NFTs.


Announced Spark Fest 'Season 2'

Spark Fest 2, the sequel to our community-based campaign, ignited a whirlwind of excitement and engagement among the Unique community. After the success of Season 1, our team determined to surpass expectations and generate more buzz. Season 2 was a catalyst for an upcoming product launch. One highlight of Spark Fest 2 was the opportunity for our dedicated members to earn rewards from Unique Network's $1000 DOT fund.

For full details, read the article here.

Implemented Two Crucial Runtime Upgrades: v941056 and v942057

In June, Unique experienced two significant upgrades. We upgraded to Polkadot v0.9.42, ensuring improved performance, security, and compatibility. We also updated all pallets to the new fungible trait, enhancing integration and interoperability.

Additionally, we introduced the ERC-20 interface for our native token, providing essential functionalities like transfer, transferCross, balanceOf, and balanceOfCross methods. These upgrades prove our commitment to enhancing performance and user experience while expanding token interactions within our blockchain ecosystem.

Discover all the upgrade information for v941056 and v942057.

Released a Comprehensive Guide on How to Mint NFTs

Titled "How to Mint an NFT with Utility: From Concept to Creation," this article presented a comprehensive guide on minting your NFTs.

As the NFT market continues to flourish and gain widespread attention, understanding the process of creating and minting these unique digital assets is essential. This guide takes seasoned creators looking to expand their portfolios and newcomers intrigued by NFTs step-by-step through creating and selling an NFT, from brainstorming your idea to listing your NFT on a marketplace.

The article is available for reading here.

Helping Creators and Collectors Choose the Best NFT Marketplace

We released an article outlining vital insights for creators and collectors in the NFT space. The report highlights critical factors when choosing an NFT marketplace, ensuring optimal exposure and value for creators' digital assets.

For collectors and creators, it offers essential tips and helpful information on navigating the market, identifying valuable and authentic NFTs, and creating appealing and practical NFT collections. This article is a must-read to make informed decisions and thrive in the ever-evolving NFT landscape.

Click to read the article here.

Unique in the Press

Last month, our team appeared in various Web3 press and events. Presented below are some of the notable highlights:

  1. The NFT Marketplace relaunch was featured on Yahoo Finance.
  2. Alex and Greg were part of a delegation in a panel discussion on NFTs at PolkadotCzechia in Prague.
  3. Maria Matyushina, Director of Software Engineering at Unique Network, participated as a speaker in the MVP workshop during Polkadot Community Day.
  4. Unique Network successfully upgraded its network runtime, which is highlighted.

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